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  • eye oval
    hard crest over eye
    D1 over/behind pelvic
    D2 & A large
    C: weak/absent lower lobe
  • eye round
    D1 between pectoral & pelvic bases
    C asymmetric, strong lower lobe, upper edge rippled, pits at base
    mouth to well behind eyes
    teeth = sharp blades
  • tail base > head+ body
    spiracle large
    2 Ds similar size & shape
    mouth small, transverse
    A well behind D2, v close to C
  • 1D, behind pelvic
    C very asymmetric
    top teeth 1 point, lower comb-like
    6-7 gill slits
  • eye oval
    no hard crest over eye
    D1 over/behind pelvics
    C ~no lower lobe
    D2&A large
  • small, slender
    D1 short, base nearer pelvic than pectoral
    C no lower lobe
    teeth very small, similar on both jaws, with multiple points
    rear teeth = combs
    with A
  • eye oval
    D1 base before pelvic
    D2 large, origin before A
    C asymmetric, weak lower lobe