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  • mouth opens at front, oblique, short
    pelvics under D
    scutes along belly
    A short base,<30
  • snout conical, overhangs small mouth
    fins - no spines
    1 D
    C: forked
    pelvics 7-14, at midbody, under D
    scales small
  • top jaw not extendable, rear end pointed
  • top jaw extendable, rear end expanded
  • shape variable
    fins without spines
    usually small adipose D
    C forked
    jaw teeth = strong, multipointed incisors
    < 90 lateral scales
  • fins - no spines
    1 D
    C deeply forked
    mouth v large, opens at front, plate between bottom jaws
    pelvics 10-16, at ~mid-body, ~under D
    scales v small
  • 1 D, last ray elongate
    C deeply forked
    mouth large, oblique, opens above
    plate between lower jaws
    pelvics mid-belly
    large scales
  • mouth short, opens at front/slightly above
    pelvics before D
    scutes along belly
    A long base, 30-92