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  • rear nostril before center large eye
    large D & A join C
    roof mouth: central row large teeth
    large gill opening
    large pectoral
    LL complete
  • rear nostril at eye level
    D, A & C continuous
    lip flanges both jaws
    with pectorals
    LL all body
  • rear nostril high, over/before eye
    nape elevated
    D, A & C continuous
    gill opening small, at side
    no pectorals
    LL = 1-2 pores before pectoral
  • elongate, tail slender, pointed
    snout long, pointed
    D & A join C
    jaws long, pointed, upper overhangs, teeth exposed when closed
    LL complete
  • rear nostril at/below mid-eye level
    D, A & C continuous
    teeth small
    with pectorals
    gill openings low, close together
    LL complete