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  • top jaw extendable, rear end expanded
  • D without filament
    mouth opens at front, oblique, short
    top jaw with central notch
    lower jaw NOT flared out
    pelvics under D
    scutes along belly
    A short base, < 30
  • very elongate
    long, pointed snout
    D long; A short, under rear of D
    fins without spines
    lower jaw projecting
    pelvics small/absent
  • elongate, silvery
    large eyes
    fins without spines
    D2 = skin flap
    mouth small
    pectorals low
    pelvics under D1
    A short base
  • top jaw not extendable, rear end pointed
  • D last ray often filamentous
    mouth usually opens under snout
    top jaw with central notch
    lower jaw flared outwards
    pelvics under D
    scutes along belly, sometimes on back before D
    A short base, < 30
  • slender, cylindrical
    front bone top jaw - rectangular
    rays under throat 11-18
    only scute is W-shaped, between pelvics
  • snout prominent, cónical, overhanging
    mouth very long, suspended under head
    pelvic on belly, before D
    belly - no scutes
  • lower jaw v long, top jaw triangular
    pectoral short/moderately long
    scales large
  • eye +/- fatty covers
    2 Ds, well separated, short bases; D1: IV
    mouth small; teeth tiny/absent
    pectoral high
    no LL
    scales large