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  • eyes left side
    pectoral rays unbranched
    pelvics: eye-side base longer, before blind-side base
    LL eye-side only, arched, no branches
  • eyes right side
    skin covers preopercle border
    right pelvic fused with A
    +/- pectorals
    LL straight + perpendicular branches
  • eyes on left side
    LL straight, no branch under eye
    pelvics asymmetrical, base of one on body midline
    C 10-12 branched rays
  • elongate, tapering to pointed tail
    eyes (v small) left side
    D, A & C fused
    skin covers preoperculum
    eye-side pelvic only, joins A
    no pectorals
    no LL
  • eyes left side
    C branches rays 13
    pelvic bases short, ~ symmetrical
    LL both sides, arched + branch under lower eye
  • eyes right side
    LL high arch over pectoral, branch under eye
    preopercle edge obvious
    mouth small
    pelvics separate, symmetric
  • eyes left side
    body deep
    mouth large, lower jaw prominent
    both pelvic bases long, eye side base on midline, origin under eye
    pectoral rays branched
    LL both sides, arched, branches only over both eyes