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  • eye with fatty ring
    D X-XII + 0-III, 15-32
    D1 - groove at base
    teeth minute, jaws, roof mouth, gills
    pectoral long
    pelvic - groove at base, joined to belly
    flank: mucus canal system
  • D X-XII (into groove), 14-15, deeply notched
    C base - 2 pr keels
    no teeth - roof of mouth & gill arch bases
    A III, 14-15, similar to soft D
  • compressed
    D IV-VIII + I, 18-39
    tail base slender
    C v forked
    A III, (1st I-II free), 15-39
    often scutes on LL
  • snout blunt, thick
    eye large, with fatty ring
    D continuous, low, long base, spines shorter than rays
    top jaw covered by bone
    roof of mouth no teeth
    pelvics under/just behind pectoral base, connect to belly by membrane