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  • body elongate, cylindrical
    snout long pointed
    2Ds: V + I, 8-10, well separated
    large mouth, lower jaw projects
    large canine teeth
    pelvics I, 5, behind pectoral base
    A II
  • top jaw not extendable, rear end pointed
  • no finlets after D & A
    both jaws v long, with many sharp teeth
    scales small
  • elongate/fusiform, compressed
    2 Ds, D2 shorter base
    sometimes finlets after D & A
    C forked
    lower jaw projects
    strong teeth + fangs
    pelvic I, 0-5
    A I-III
  • elongate, fusiform
    D & A: 5-10 finlets behind
    C forked; tail base slender, 2-3 keels