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  • body = v compressed disc
    long narrow snout
    mouth small; small brush-like teeth
    preopercle without spine
    large scale at base of pelvic
  • body deep, very compressed
    head short
    D V-IX (short), 18-40, deep notch
    teeth brushlike, in bands
    A III, 16-24
  • body = v compressed disc
    short, blunt snout
    small, brush-like teeth
    preopercle: 1 large spine
    no large scale at base of pelvic
  • body quadrangular, v compressed
    head profile steep
    D: 1st spine points forwards, deep notch after spines
    mouth small, horizontal, not projectable
    A IV
  • small horns over eyes
    body round, v compressed
    broad black & white bars
    D: very long front filament
    long slender snout