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  • D XI-XIV, continuous
    mouth small
    teeth: cónical/incisors at front, molars at side
    roof mouth - no teeth
    A III
    no scales: snout, eye to mouth
  • rear of bone under eye hidden by scales
    D XII-XIV, continuous
    chin 2-6 pores + pit
    A III
    scales between eye and mouth
  • oval, compressed
    small head & mouth
    DXI-XIV, no notch. fits into scaly groove
    teeth: 1 row hockey-stick incisors
    A III
    scales: small, thick, rough, not on snout or soft fins
  • with mouth closed - top jaw partly hidden
    D continuous, X
    teeth cónical, on mouth roof
    chin - no pores
    preopercle serrated
    no scales - snout, under eye, lower jaw
  • D continuous
    closed mouth - rear of top jaw bone usually exposed
    roof of mouth - small teeth
    3 opercular spines
    A III