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  • large eye
    opercle no spines
    preopercle: smooth ridge before its edge
    D VI + I, 9
    LL contiuous to C, 23-25
    maxilla wide, partly concealed with mouth closed, no scales
    A II, 8-9
  • D VII-X + 0-I, 7-10
    rear top jaw bone exposed when mouth closed
    operculum: 1-2 flat points or several spines
    A II-III, 6-9
  • v compressed; top profile straight, bottom convex
    v short snout, large eye
    mouth v oblique, opens up
    D IV-VI, short base
    chest keeled
    A III, long base
    LL to edge C
  • D continuous
    closed mouth - rear of top jaw bone usually exposed
    roof of mouth - small teeth
    3 opercular spines
    A III