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  • head red, body orange-brown
    D: front dark spot, rear base - large ocellus
    fins dark, black & yellow edges
  • yellowish; body + 11-12 dark bars
    no black bar through eye
    median fins yellow
    rear D: large ocellus
    lower gill rakes 8-10
  • white + 3 narrow, black bars
    D: round, strong, rear ocellus; yellow margin & spots
    A: yellow margin & spots
  • head, body & fins yellow
    black bar through eye
    black spot base soft D
  • yellow & white
    1st 2 bars narrow, brown
    3rd bar = inverted yellow triangle
    D ocellus round, strong
    D&A + yellow spots, yellow edge only D
    A no ocellus
  • yellow + blue head,iris & back
    black and blue ocellus on shoulder
    yellow & blue ocellus on rear corner D
  • purplish-red head & front back and D
    rear body & fins yellow
  • white; bars black, broad
    body bars - hourglass shape
    D&A + oval black semi-ocellus
    D&A orange margin, no spots
  • head yellow + blue stripes
    body - 6 blue & yellow bars
    end D base: large ocellus
  • yellow nape
    body: ~12 thin yellow bars
    D, A & C: rows yellow spots
    rear D base: black & white ocellus
  • head & body yellow/rose
    C yellow + dark spots
    D & A red
  • brown + 7-8 narrow dark bars
    dark bar through eye
    D: rear base + large ocellus
  • pinkish-yellow
    3 thin blue stripes: head centerline, top eye to over operculum corner
    juvenile: eye stripe to tail base; + blue stripe -pectoral to tail base