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  • eyes large; forehead almost vertical
    central sucker papillae: group of 10, then V of 5
    pectoral 26
  • orange + pale spots
    red lines radiate from eye
    front D & A: violet & red ocellus
    C orange, dark outer edge, 2 pale spots at base
    sucker: papillae -14 central before 5 in V; rear edge straight
  • orange + red stripe, dark oval on tail base
  • eyes large
    brown above, black on sides
    center sucker: cluster 4 at front, then V of 5
    pectoral 18-21
  • 5 red lines radiate from eye (2 between eyes)
    scarlet + mesh of small pale spots
    front D & A: dark spot
    rear-center sucker: cluster 8 papillae
    pectoral 26-27