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  • flank: 2 rows brown spots; edge A black
    D1: front 2 membranes black, 2nd spine filamentous in male
    D2 outer 1/2 dark, all rays pigmented
    D2 15
    C grey
    A outer 1/2+ black, base - male grey, female clear
    top jaw tentacle: long, thin
    LL 62-64
  • D1 2 front membranes & spine tips black
    D2: black stripes - margin & base (interrupted)
    D2 17
    C top base black spot, rear edge black
    A clear
    top jaw tentacle moderate
    LL 64-65
  • flank over A: 3 large dark spots
    D1: front 2 membranes black
    D2: outer 1/5 black
    D2 14
    LL ~56
    C: rear ~1/3 black
    A: female clear/thin outer stripe; male black margin
    top jaw tentacle: short
    eye: top scaled
  • D1 1st membrane + basal triangle black
    D2 all base black, thin outer line
    D2 15
    C dusky + 2 black marks on base
    A slight black margin
    top jaw tentacle long
    LL 44-47
  • back: ~2 black saddles
    D1 base blotch + tip I-III black
    D2 outer 1/4 black, black base over body saddles
    D2 16
    A clear
    C upper base ocellus/blotch + all edges black
    top jaw tentacle short
    LL 58-62
  • snout short ( < / = eye)
    D1: front base spot & outer stripe black
    D2: black front base + white stripes
    D2 16
    A dusky/clear, outer ~1/2 black
    C: rear & bottom edges dark, female top base- ocellus
    top jaw tentacle short
    LL ~60-61
  • D1 base big blotch, 1st 2 membranes outer stripe -black
    D2 outer stripe & base rays 1-5 & 10-12 black
    D2 16
    LL 57-59
    A clear
    C: top base spot, bottom+rear+rear 1/2 top edges black; center dusky
    top jaw tentacle long, triangular