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  • eyes 9.7-11.3% SL
    snout 3.1-3.9% SL
    body yellowish
    D&A yellow edge
    C yellow rays & lower edge
    C pointed
    vomer no teeth
    pelvics fully joined, no front membrane
    D 17-18; A 18-19; pectoral 21
    scales: tail base to before D1 origin
  • eyes 7-9% SL
    snout 3.8-4.4% SL
    yellow stripe along body
    Ds: orange outer edge
    C: central yellow stripe
    C blunt, central rays elongate
    vomer without teeth
    pelvics fully joined, with front membrane
    D2 114-16; A 14-16; pectoral 18-20
    scales usually absent
  • eyes medium (6.6-8.7% SL)
    snout 5.8-7.8% SL
    blue stripe along body
    D,A & C: yellow rays, blue edges
    C forked
    vomer with teeth
    pelvics fully joined, no front membrane
    D2 18-20; A 19-21; pectoral 18-22
    scales: tail base to under rear 1/3 D2