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  • 2 bars/rows spots under eye
    D1 no elongate spines
    pale bars: dark centerline
    pale bars: = / > dark bars, with dark centerline
    Ds, A & C; red
    all pectoral base dark, color onto body
  • uniform red-grey, cheek 3-4 rows orange spots
    pectoral base: 2 orange spots
    male D1 black & orange blotches
    D1 - 1st 2 spines elongate both sexes
    25-26 lateral scales
  • head & nape: irregular orange bars
    body orange, mid flank: 2 dark blue-black stripes
    D1 - 1st 2 spines elongate in both sexes
  • head & body orange
    under eye: ~3 oblique dark bars
    ~10 narrow pale saddles/bars on back, 2-3 on nape
    D1 elongate spines in male
    male pectoral base: large black blotch
    24 lateral scales
  • cheek- wide bars, sometimes breaking into rows of spots
    bars: wide dark (no pale centerline) + narrow pale
    D1 no elongate spines
    pectoral 17, basal spot v intense
  • 3-4 rows spots radiate back from eye
    D1 no elongate spines
    dark bars: no pale centerline
    pale bars < dark bars, + dark centerline
    pectoral 15 (15-17), large blackish basal spot
  • nape 3 black saddles
    lower head scattered black spots
    D1 no elongate spines
    5-8 narrow black bars
    black spot covers pectoral base
  • 3-4 rows spots radiate under eye
    D1 no elongate spines
    narrow pale bars: + dark centerline
    dark bars with broad pale centerline
    pectoral base - 2 joined spots, lower larger
  • head: 4 bars
    body: 8 long bars + narrow grey interspaces
    red stripes: D1 - 2; D2 - 4
    D1: 1st spine filamentous
    pectoral base: large black blotch
    A red + white border
  • D1 elongate spines
    head & body: ~13 orange bars ( - pale centerline)
    narrow blue-grey bars (+ dark centerline)
    pectoral base: large spot