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  • head pale, cheeks reddish, body yellowish
    front D1: black blotch or bar
    black bar front belly
    D2 9; A 8
    pelvics separate
    pectoral 16-17
  • body: 4 rows yellow spots
    head: yellow stripes & spots
    D&A: yellow stripes
    C base: dark cross + 2 yellow spots
    pectoral base: 2 yellow spots
  • no dark spot over operculum
    D2 & A: 9
    pelvics united in V, no front membrane
    C base: bar joins 2 spots
    pectoral 18-20, base: 2 dark spots
  • pale + yellow-orange spots & lines
    D1 9, A 8-9
    C base: thin dark bar
    pelvics: concave disc
    pectoral 19-20; base - upper orange blotch
  • double-peaked triangle over opercle
    body: 3 rows dark marks, bottom row = large Xs
    pelvics: round disc
    D2 & A 9
    pectoral 18-19, base - small top spot
    C base 2 dark spots
  • lower part of eye black
    dark face mask
    pectoral base: no white horizontal bar
  • top eye: 2 rows black dots
    eye to mouth: black bar
    head & body: orange spots
    D2 & A: 8
    D1 tip black, lower fin - 2 rows black dots or black stripe
    pelvics fully joined behind, no front membrane
    pectoral 14-15, faint upper spot
    C base: no marks
  • 2 pores between eyes
    yellowish, blue around snout & eyes
    black ring around anus
    D2 & A: 9
    pelvics separate
  • lower part of eye white
    dark face mask
    base of pectoral with horizontal white bar
  • head : 3 orange stripes
    body: 3 rows large red-brown spots
    D2 10; A 9
    pectoral 18-20, stripe above dark spot
    pelvics: round disc
    C base 2 dark spots
  • body: many small orange spots
    eye: radiating lines, dots along top
    D1 elongate spine; D2 8-9; A 9
    pectoral 17-19, +/- large black spot upper base
    pelvics: concave disc
    C base: short dark bar
  • dark triangle over opercle
    body: 3 rows dark marks, lower row = crescents
    pelvics in a disc
    D2 & A: 9
    pectoral 18-20, base - no lower dark spot
    C base dark bar
  • triangular dark spot over opercle
    body: 3 rows dark marks, lower row large Xs/round
    D2 10 (8-10); A 9 (9-10)
    pectoral 18-20, base - dark spot below, 1-2 bars/blotches above.
    pelvics: round disc
    C base: 2 black spots/dark bar