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  • D XVIII-XXI, 31-36
    male front D: 1-several ocelli
    pectoral 12-13
  • pore above rear edge eye
    eye large
    D XVII-XVIII, 35-36
    male front D: low, small ocellus
    dark spot: behind eye, corner of mouth
    flank: 9 pr double spots
  • head high, profile ascends to D, V shaped
    D XVIII-XX, 33-36
    male front D: blotch but no ocellus
    pectoral 12-14
  • inverted L behind eye
    D XVIII-XIX, 35-37
    male front D: black + ocellus
    pectoral 12-13
  • body & snout short
    D XVII-XVIII, 26-28, low both sexes
    flank: 8 black blotches
    cheek - 2-3 elongate rusty blotches
    male front D: black blotch
    pectoral 12-14
    female: paired rust blotches above A
  • body + snout short
    2 pores over rear each eye, central pore between those
    D XVII, 28
    back 6 groups of dark bars
    flank 5 dark diamonds