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  • nape & eye cirri like paddles
    D deep notch after 3rd spine, 3 ocelli
    red/orange; back: white blotches
    chin: prominent central barbel
  • nape cirri short wattles
    dark bar under eye; operculum white
    front body: 3 strong bars onto D & A
    C base: thin black bar
  • nape cirri: paddles with 3 points
    dark oblique bar under eye
    D: front not v high; 1-2 (0-4) ocelli
    C base: 2 dark spots form a bar
  • eye cirri v long (reach D), broad, fringed
    brown, fins barred
    C dark base, rest clear
  • snout long, pointed
    snout & lower head white
    cirri: eye only
    D: front 2 spines form high triangle
    rear D 2 small ocelli
  • cirri: nostrils, eye, nape
    white bar: eye to pectoral base
    D front spines v long, form separate flap
    ocelli: D 2 (0-4); A 1 (0-2)
    opercular spine 1 point, long, reaches under 3rd D spine
  • body: bars + row white blotches
    D front spines elevated, 1 ocellus, 6 bars
    A no ocellus, 4 bars
  • nape cirri: flat, with fingers, pale
    D front spines elevated, 1 orange-ringed blue ocellus
    C clear + dark basal bar
    opercular spine : short, 2-8 points