Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • IP- pink; yellow stripe head to C base, C base & shoulder- black spot
    TP - grey green, yellow below; black blotch on sho
  • IP 1 & juv - green/white; dark stripe - snout to C base; center D ocellus
    black spot - top corner operculum
    TP: green & pink; pink lines radiate from eye; C green + convergent pink stripes
    IP 2 - like TP, colors fainter
  • IP - snout yellow, rest orange above, white below, C base - large black & blue ocellus
    TP - blue + yellow stripe on flank under soft D; D orange + frontal black blotch, C pink + blue stripes
  • IP - white +/- 2 dark stripes, between them yellow/orange
    black spot immediately behind eye
    TP - bluey pink, head - blue stripes, body & fins - blue stripes & rows blue spots
    juv - like IP + black spot rear base D
  • IP - yellow above, blue center, white below
    TP: like IP, darker + dark stripe eye to nape
    juv - like IP + ocellus base C & rear base D
  • IP - brown above, yellow below, dark bar under D origin
    TP - yellow head & front back; black T bar under
    Juv - yellow + blue stripe
  • IP - green above & white below, dark stripe snout to base C, 3 red bars across head, D double black spot
    TP - grey-brown over yellow, black blotch center s
    juv - yellow stripe over black stripe snout to C, back red-brown
  • IP - yellow above, brown stripe snout to C base, fins yellow
    TP - green-brown over blue-white; large elongate ocellus - tail base & C; D orange
    juv - orange over white; dark stripe - snout, through eye to mid-body, white stripe above that
  • IP - green, dark spot behind eye, red lines - head & fins
    TP - like IP, stronger colors
    juv - green, D: ocellus on spines, spot - end fin base
  • IP - orange + blue marks, back: ~ 5 white bars + 2 black blotches
    TP blue grey + white saddlesunder D
    juv: orange + blue , large ocellus on D & back
  • IP-snout yellow, rest greenish, body - white & brown stripes, black spot C base
    TP - green-blue front, rest yellow + 2 blue stripes, dark brown blotch above pectoral, C blue stripe