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  • dark + dense small pearl spots
    juv: yellow + dense small blue spots
    C: straight/slightly concave
  • yellow-brown + blue line - eye to preoperculum
    fin edges yellow
    juv: D edge yellow; tail base - shallow black saddle
    C straight/concave
  • tan + ~8-9 bars, last thick & dark
    dark oblique stripes behind eye
    juv: dark head, body bars, black saddle on tail base
  • deep oblong
    all red-brown to black
    juv: red-brown + few white spots, yellow C
    D X, spine II v elongate
    nostrils equal
  • dark brown, spiny D edge black
    juv: D edge black; tail base - deep black saddle
    D XI, spine III or IV longest
    nostrils: rear 3-5x front