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  • horn v long
    brown, covered with small grey dots
    pectoral 10-11, rays with pads
  • horn = short, upturned knob
    sides: network pale lines on dark background
    eye to gill opening: row dark ocelli
    pectoral 12-13, rays with pads, inner 2/3 - pale + network dark spots, yellow edges
  • horn short, narrow, points forward/down
    color ~ uniform
    pectoral 10-11, rays - NO pads
    A 4
  • horn variable: cone to long finger
    body uniform to pale mesh around dark blotches
    C dark, central pale bar
    pectoral uniform color, 12-13, rays with pads
  • horn = blunt shelf
    mouth wide
    pupil oval
    1-7 paired clusters of dark, pale-edge spots along
    pectoral 12-13, rays with pads
  • horn = short finger
    mouth wide
    upper surface & fins: small dark spots
    pectoral 12-13, rays with pads
  • horn = short finger/ cone, tilted up
    head high
    tail & disc: dark spots
    cheek: cream + orange ocelli
    pectoral: 10-11, rays with pads, base - cream + lavender spots
    body rough, strong bucklers
  • horn v long, thin, horizontal
    mouth small
    pectoral 11-12, rays - no pads
  • horn: a shelf
    shoulders: white + black spots & orange blotches
    shoulder - cluster dark spots
    large bucklers: radiating black lines
    pectoral: 13, rays - no pads, yellow, orange edge