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  • snout > eye, sharp point
    eye seems small
    nostril flap: narrow, filament
    flank 6-8 dark marks, rows pale spots
    LL 57-60
    pectoral tip not/just to pelvic base
    A 10-11, base < D1 base
    23-25 scales before D
    5.5-6.5 scales - LL to D
  • snout > eye, round point
    eye seems large
    nostril flap: broad triangle
    flank 6-8 dark marks, rows pale spots
    pectoral tip not/just reaching pelvic base
    A 12-13, base > D1 base
    LL 59-63
    20-30 scales before D
    5.5-6.5 rows scales - LL to D
  • eye small
    snout pointed
    C: 3-5 bars across both lobes
    9-13 dark hourglass bars, last bar inverted Y
    black shoulder patch: small rectangle
  • eye large
    snout blunt
    C: notch & lower lobe dark
    6-8 dark bars
    black shoulder patch: large oval
    LL 45-48
  • flank - 8 diamond blotches join small blotches below
    D front rays reach past last rays
    bottom jaw ends in knob
    A base < D1 base
    LL 43-50
  • body - blue & orange stripes
    body bars not hourglass-shaped
    C without bars
    LL 57-60
    LL to D- 3 rows scales
  • snout tip - black spot
    nostrils - long flat cirri
    body - 8-10 dark bars join dark diamonds on flank
    last body bar NOT an inverted Y
    C with bars
    pectoral well past pelvic base
    A 8-10, base < D1 base