Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • snout: tip round & black, length > / = mouth width
    no ridge between Ds
    D2 origin over A origin
    Carcharhinus acronotus, Blacknose Shark
    teeth: top - narrow oblique point, strong side notch, serrated; bottom - narrow, smooth
    fins not dark tipped
    under pectoral pale
  • snout long ( > / = mouth width), broad
    nostril flaps high, triangular
    D1 high, origin near rear insertion of pectoral
    high crest between Ds
    Carcharhinus altimus, Bignose Shark
    pectoral long, straight
  • body slender
    snout wide, blunt point
    D1 origin ~over free inner tip of pectoral
    Ds small
    ~no ridge between Ds
    Carcharhinus brachyurus, Narrowtooth Shark, Copper Shark, Bronze Whaler Shark
    pectoral long, straight
    color plain
  • snout long, narrow, pointed
    eyes small
    D1 origin over/behind pectoral free tip
    D2 origin over A origin
    no ridge between Ds
    top & bottom teeth: tips narrow, straight, top serrated
    black tips: D2, lower C, A, pectoral
  • slender
    uniform color
    D1 small, orgin well behind pectoral
    D2 < A, both low, free rear tips long
    pectoral long, narrow, curved
  • slender
    snout moderately long, broadly round
    D1 medium height, origin over rear 1/2 pectoral inner margen
    low ridge between Ds
    Carcharhinus galapagensis, Galapagos Shark
    pectoral curved
    pelvics well behind D1
  • snout pointed, length < mouth width
    color uniform
    D1 origin over/just behind pectoral rear tip
    no crest between Ds
    Carcharhinus isodon, Finetooth Shark
    teeth both jaws ~symmetrical, straight, tips narrow, no/weak serrations
    gill slits long
    pectoral small, narrow
  • heavy body, thick head
    snout very short, round
    eye small
    D1 broad, triangular, origin ~over pectoral rear insertion
    pectoral large, angular
  • body stout
    snout long, pointed
    small eyes
    D1: high, curved tip, origin ~ over rear pectoral insertion
    flank: white stripe
    black tips: all fins except A & top tip C
    A white
    Carcharhinus limbatus, Blacktip Shark
  • white tips: D1, pectoral, anal & C
    D1 very large, rounded
    Carcharhinus longimanus, Oceanic Whitetip Shark
    pectoral very long, rounded
  • slender body
    snout short, round
    large eyes
    D1 curved, origin ~over pectoral free rear tip
    pectoral: large, curved
    pelvic origin near D1 rear tip
  • snout broad, round, short
    D1 high, origin over/before pectoral free rear tip
    D2 = A
    ridge between Ds
    Carcharhinus perezii, Reef Shark, Caribbean Reef Shark
    top teeth serrated, narrow, notched both sides
    dark: under pectorals & pelvics, A & edge lower C lobe
    dark: C lower lobe, tips pectorals, pelvics & A
  • uniform color
    D1: very high, triangular, origin over pectoral rear insertion
    Carcharhinus plumbeus, Sandbar Shark
  • elongate
    snout long, pointed
    eyes large
    D1 low, triangular, origin over rear pectoral tip
    D2: orgin over mid A base
    Carcharhinus porosus, Smalltail Shark, Atlantic Smalltail Shark
    pectoral small
    A deeply notched
  • slender
    snout long, narrow, pointed
    eye large, green
    D1 low, long rear tip, origin/behind over pectoral inner tip
    uniform color
    pectoral small, narrow