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  • body plain
    gill arches and throat black
    D 106-115; A 92-100
    Lepophidium aporrhox, Dusky cusk-eel
    gill rakers: 3(2-5) upper, rudiments between lower
  • body uniform
    D & A edges & pelvic base: black
    D 126-132; A 103-109
    Lepophidium brevibarbe, Blackedge cusk-eel
    developed gill rakers 0+4, no rudiments between them
    gill arches pale
  • body plain
    rear-mouth, gill chamber & oesophagus: dark
    D 116-122; A 96-103
    Lepophidium collettei, Brazilian cusk-eel
    gill rakers: 12-17 (2-7 rudiments)
  • body uniform
    under snout: with fringes; bright white
    D 117-125; A 99-106
    Lepophidium crossotum, Whitespot cusk-eel
    gill rakers 10
  • opercle black
    Lepophidium cultratum, Blackear cusk-eel
    mouth, gill chamber & oesophagus: black
    gill rakers 9-15 (0 rudiments)
    D 128-137; A 105-114
  • snout strongly pointed
    in mouth & throat black
    D 125-133; A 103-114
    Lepophidium entomelan, Black throat cusk-eel, Blackthroat cusk-eel
    pectorals pale
  • back: pale mottling
    pectoral: dark edges
    D 117-122; A 95-101
    Lepophidium gilmorei, Pepperfin cusk-eel
    D & A dark speckles
  • back: irregular rows small dark spots
    D: outer U shape dark blotches
    mouth & gill chamber pale; oesophagus black
    D 133-140; A 112-115
    Lepophidium jeannae, Mottled cusk-eel
    developed gill rakers 0+4
  • under snout: pale, with fringes
    lateral line striped
    Lepophidium kallion, Palenose cusk-eel
    nape & flank: dark marks
  • head & back: rows dark spots
    in mouth and gill chamber dark
    Lepophidium marmoratum, Marbled cusk-eel
  • top jaw - black moustache
    body: 2 regular rows large spots
    D outer 1/2 - U shaped dark spots
    D 127-130; A 106-108
    Lepophidium pheromystax, Upsilon cusk-eel
    upper rudiment gill rakers 2
  • back: row 14-23 white spots
    pectoral pale
    D 131-137; A 112-117
  • uniform color
    D & A dusky
    D 123-126; A 102-107
    Lepophidium robustum, Robust cusk-eel
    gill raker rudiments: 4-5 upper; some lower between developed rakers
  • upper body 4-5 black bars
    D 5-6 black blotches
    Lepophidium staurophor, Barred cusk-eel
  • snout fringed
    D 124-135; A 105-117
    Lepophidium wileyi, Fringed cusk-eel
    gill rakers 10-12
  • dark head & body
    inside mouth & gill chamber black
    Lepophidium zophochir, Sooty cusk-eel
    pectorals dark