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  • eye length ~1/3 snout length
    disc width < 65% TL
    center disc - 1 row of thorns
    shoulder 1+ thorns
    Rostroraja ackleyi, Ocellate Skate
    snout side - slightly concave
    pectoral base - dark centered ocellus
  • top of disc: no denticles
    center disc behind nape: no thorns
    tail thorns: 1 row 34-37 to D1, 3-5 between Ds
    Rostroraja bahamensis, Bahama Skate
    pectoral base - 1-2 dark centered ocelli
  • disc width > 70% TL
    front center disc - short row thorns
    Rostroraja cervigoni, Finspot Skate
    pectoral base: dark-ringed ocellus
  • top - many irregular dark spots & narrow cross-bar
    nape & shoulder - thorns not in triangular patch
    all center back - 1 row thorns
    Rostroraja eglanteria, Clearnose Skate
  • eye length ~20% snout length before eye
    disc width < 65% TL
    all center disc - 1 row of thorns
    shoulder - no thorns
    Rostroraja texana, Roundel Skate
    snout side distinctly concave
    pectoral base ocellus- dark center, yellow edge