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  • head - 3 yellow bars
    body - 4 yellow bars
    fins white + black edges
    D2 9; A 8
    body scaled to pectorals
    Varicus adamsi, Twilight Goby
    pelvic rays - multiple branches, tips + fleshy pads, fin to anus
  • eyes very large, close-set
    pelvics separate, rays 1-4 branched, no flat tips, fins reach anus
    scales: 12 lateral, rear scales smooth/weakly rough
    belly scaleless
    Varicus benthonis, Deepwater Goby
    D2 8; A 7
    pectoral 16
  • cheeks puffy
    dusky + scattered dark dots
    D2 9; A 7-8, dark
    pectoral 16-19
    Varicus bucca, Puffedcheek Goby, Puffcheek Goby
    pelvics separate, rays unbranched, with fleshy tips, reach A origin
    22-27 lateral scales; belly all scaled/center naked
  • head: 2 yellow bars, yellow ocelli behind eye
    body: 4 yellow blotches + 7 yellow saddles
    Ds yellow stripes; C yellow bars, yellow below
    D2 10; A 9
    scales: wedge to under center D2
    Varicus cephalocellatus, Ocellated Splitfin Goby
    pelvics: to A base, ray tips fleshy pads
  • head 2 yellow bars
    body- 5 round yellow blotches mid-side, back- 1-2 rows yellow spots
    Ds rows yellow spots; C 4-5 yellow bars
    D2 9; A 7-8
    scales: body none, C base 2 large, rough
    Varicus decorum, Decorated Splitfin Goby
    pelvic: rays unbranched, +/- fleshy tips, reach past anus
  • head - yellow blotches, iris green
    body 4 yellow bars, 1-3 like H
    fins yellow/orange
    D2 9; A 7
    no scales
    Varicus lacerta, Godzilla Goby
    pelvics: rays many branched, feathery tips, reach past anus
  • yellow above red; Ds & C yellow bars
    pelvics red; A red + black margin
    D2 8; A 7
    pectoral 16-18
    Varicus marilynae, Orangebelly Goby
    pelvic ray tips: 1-4 branched, fleshy, 1-3 unite - > flat pad
    pelvics separate, reach center A
    18-19 lateral scales; belly no scales
  • head - 3 thin black bars
    body 4 broad, oval black bars
    D2 9; A 8
    body mostly scaled; C base scaled
    Varicus nigritus, Banded Splitfin Goby
    pelvics: rays unbranched, tips simple, reach A origin
  • head : 3-4 narrow yellow bars
    body: 2 yellow bars + 5-6 yellow saddles
    Ds rows black spots ; C base wide yellow bar
    D2 8; A 6-7
    scales: C base to under pectoral
    Varicus veliguttatus, Spotted-sail Goby
    pelvics: rays unbranched/some branched + fleshy pads, reach past 3r A ray
  • body 4 bars
    D1: yellow stripe + white edge
    D2: rows yellow spots + white stripes
    C dark & white bars
    Varicus vespa, Wasp Goby
    D2 9; A 6-8
    pectoral 15-17
    pelvic ray 5 < spine
    scales: 9-14 laterals, rear scales rough, 2 large on C base
    bdlly scaleless