Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • pelvics short, not past front 3rd A
    Astrapogon alutus, Bronze Cardinalfish
    pectoral 14
  • body deep, snout short, profile over eye convex
    pelvics reach to/past center A base
    rear edges D2 & A, & C tips: clear/whitish
    Astrapogon puncticulatus, Blackfin Cardinalfish
    gill rakers 2+12-14
    pectoral 16
  • elongate, long snout, profile over eye straight
    pelvics reach rear 1/3 A base
    Astrapogon stellatus, Conchfish, Conchfish Cardinalfish
    gill rakers 1+10-11
    pectoral 15