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  • snout short, thick
    D1 angular, origin over inner edge pectoral
    D spines short, D2 spine slightly larger
    grey + white dots
    Centrophorus granulosus, Large Gulper Shark
    around mouth dark
    pectoral free rear tip pointed, reaches just past D1 spine
  • snout short, thick, flattened
    D1 v long, low; D2 short, high
    denticles = large, stalked leaves
    Centrophorus squamosus, Leafscale Gulper Shark
    pectoral free rear tips v short
    C rear edge ~straight
  • snout long, thick
    D1 spine origin over pectoral free rear tip
    space between Ds long
    Centrophorus tessellatus, Mosaic Gulper-shark
    pectoral v long free rear tip
    skin smooth