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  • tentacle over eye
    many small black spots: head & body, C of adult
    spines few, short, immovable
    Chilomycterus antennatus, Bridled Burrfish
    back: large white-edge black blotches
    juv: yellow + black-edged white blotches
  • eye tentacle small/absent
    network black lines + 5-7 large dark blotches
    no spots body or fins
    spines few, short, immovable
    juv: black + orange spines
  • head, body & fins: black spots
    spines few, short, immovable, 1-2 atop tail base
    Chilomycterus reticulatus, Spotfin Burrfish
    juv: blue, spots larger & sparser
  • head & body: many wavy longitudinal dark lines
    back - 5-7 dark blotches
    body + fins: no spots
    spines few, short, immovable
    Chilomycterus schoepfii, Striped Burrfish
    juv: yellow + black lines, spines yellow
  • diffuse light spots + 3 large dark rings
    spines few, short, immovable
    Chilomycterus spinosus, Brown Burrfish
    juv: black + orange spine tips