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  • forehead not v steep
    IP: tan; head white + grey bar; belly white + red bars
    TP blue-green, side head & pelvics yellow, pectoral base black
    Xyrichtys martinicensis, Rosy Razorfish, Straight-tail Razorfish, Rosy Razorfish Wrasse
  • forehead v steep
    IP grey/pink, belly - bright white blotch
    TP pink, head & body thin blue bars
    Xyrichtys novacula, Pearly Razorfish, Pearly Razorfish Wrasse
    juv: white + 5 dark bars (front D & body)
  • forehead not steep
    IP - pink-grey, body scales - dark edges; head pale bars
    TP - head blue + orange bars, body green, flank 1-2 black & blue ocelli
    Xyrichtys splendens, Green Razorfish, Green Razorfish Wrasse
    juv - pale + 4 long brown bars