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  • body oval, deep
    snout: central groove oblong
    uniforme red
    Corniger spinosus, Spinycheek Soldierfish
    big spines point back under eye
    preoperculum bluntly angular, 2 large spines
    A 9-12
  • spiny D yellow, no white spots
    Holocentrus adscensionis, Squirrelfish, Ascension Squirrelfish
  • spiny D red + white spot after each spine
    Holocentrus rufus, Longspine Squirrelfish
  • red + black shoulder bar
    D X + I
    Myripristis jacobus, Blackbar Soldierfish
    preoperculum crescentic
    operculum & preoperculum - no large spine
    A 12-13
  • body: red + thin bright white stripes
    spiny D: red + white spots -base and spine tips, l
    Neoniphon coruscum, Reef Squirrelfish
    inside pectoral base - pale
  • red + yellow stripes
    D orange + white spots
    C top lobe not longer
    Neoniphon marianus, Longjaw Squirrelfish
    lower jaw projects
    preoperculum angular, 1 strong spine
  • body: wide, dark-edged silver stripes
    spiny D pink, red spots after spine tips
    Neoniphon vexillarium, Dusky Squirrelfish
    inside pectoral base - dark
  • body oblong, deep
    snout: central groove triangular
    red & white stripes
    Ostichthys trachypoma, Bigeye Soldierfish
    no spines under eye
    preoperculum slightly crescentic, no spines
    A 10-12
  • body oval, deep
    snout groove narrow, rhomboidal
    uniform red
    Plectrypops retrospinis, Cardinal Soldierfish, Shy Soldierfish
    spines under eye point forwards
    no large spines on operculum, preoperculum
    A 11
  • body: dark bordered, thin white stripes
    spiny D orange, juvs - small black spot at front
    Sargocentron bullisi, Deepwater Squirrelfish
    inside pectoral base - pale
  • body red + 2 black blotches: under D & upper tail base
    spiny D: red, large black blotch at front
    Sargocentron poco, Saddle Squirrelfish
    inside pectoral base - pale