Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • very compressed
    flank: ~12 black bars
    tail base compressed, no keel
    C very concave
    Ablennes hians, Barred needlefish, Flat needlefish
  • very slender, rounded
    tail base flat, + large keel
    C v concave
    Platybelone argalus argalus, Keeltail needlefish
    jaws very long, lower longer
  • preopercle edge - short dark bar
    Strongylura marina, Atlantic needlefish
    top jaw exposed at rear
    A 16-20
    center nape scales 213+
  • preopercle edge - long dark bar
    D, A & C reddish
    Strongylura notata, Redfin needlefish
    top jaw all covered by bone above
    A 12-15
    scales along center nape 76-117
  • before eye - v dark; after eye along body - dark stripe
    Strongylura timucu, Timucu needlefish
    top jaw exposed at rear
    A 16-20
    scales along center nape 120-185
  • slender
    beak long, slender, curved
    D & A low
    Tylosurus acus acus, Atlantic agujon, Agujon needlefish
    juv & adult teeth vertical
    pectoral & pelvic short
  • robust
    beak short, straight
    D & A high
    Tylosurus crocodilus crocodilus, the Houndfish, Hound needlefish
    juv teeth point forwards
    pectoral & pelvic long