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  • body deep (34-39% SL) oval, very compressed
    head 24-32% SL
    mouth oblique, terminal
    D origin before A origin
    shoulder: dark vertical oval spot
    rear tail base: black stripe ends in black rhomboid
    Astyanax aeneus, Banded Tetra, Penjamo Tetra
    premaxilla teeth - 2 rows,outer row 3 points
    maxilla teeth: 3 points, center point large, robust, 3-4 (1-9)
    gill rakers 24 (19-26)
    A iii-iv, 26 (22-30)
    pectoral reaches over rear insertion pelvic
    scales large, smooth, 35 (33-38) on LL
    scales LL to D origin 8.3 (8-9)