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  • head wide, with large paddles
    behind last gill slit: large dark semicircle
    pale shoulder blotch - long hook on inside
    center shoulder: T shaped black patch
    Mobula birostris, Giant Manta, Manta, Giant Manta Ray
    mouth at front, black
  • head: horns long, front not concave
    wings not strongly curved
    tail: < disc, base compressed, no spine
    Mobula hypostoma, Devil Ray, West Atlantic Pygmy Devil Ray
    mouth under head
    spiracle: small, circular, under pectoral, with groove to over eye
    underneath not abruptly bicolored
  • wings: front edges straight/slightly convex
    broard dark band between eyes; behind eye -white crescent visible from above
    D; curved, tip white
    tail = / > disc width, row white tubercles along side, + spine
    Mobula mobular, Spinetail Devil Ray
    mouth under snout
    spiracle above pectoral base, = short transvers slit under a ridge
    belly: white
  • mouth opens at front of snout, pale
    behind last gill slit: 0-2 small dark spots
    pale shoulder blotch - oval inside, hook outside
    Mobula species A, Caribbean Manta
    lower teeth: band 77% mouth width, 9-11 rows
  • head: narrow, long neck
    horns short
    ridge along back
    wings strongly curved
    no dark collar between eyes
    tail short, scaly, no spine
    Mobula tarapacana, Sicklefin Devil Ray, Chilean Devil Ray
    mouth under snout
    underside: dark around sides of neck; front of pectorals white, rear abruptly grey
  • wing front edge - double curve
    head & horns short
    ventral: concave part front wing edge + dark blotch
    tail long, no spine, base flattened
    D - white tip
    Mobula thurstoni, Smoothtail Mobula, Bentfin Devil Ray, Smoothtail Mobula Ray
    mouth under snout
    ventral: white, green patch near rear edge
    1.8 m