Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • body elongate
    eye > snout
    tan/blue over silver; gut cavity pale
    Ariomma bondi, Silver-rag driftfish, Silver rag
    LL 30-45; scales between eyes to front of pupil
    rows scales D to LL: at most 2
  • body elongate
    eye < / = snout
    blackish; gut cavity dark
    Ariomma melanum, Brown driftfish
    LL 50-65; scales to between front eyes
    D to LL: 3+ rows scales
  • body oval (~40% SL)
    eye > snout
    body silver + spots; opercle, D1 & pelvics blackis
    Ariomma regulus, Spotted driftfish
    LL 50-60; scales between eyes to pupil