Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • slender, cigar shaped, snout pointed
    IP: pink
    TP: green, pink & green stripe along body, pink bars under eyes
    Cryptotomus roseus, Bluelip Parrotfish
    teeth not fused, free, flat pointed tips
  • oblong, snout: long, straight top profile
    IP: pale red-brown
    TP green, body scales blue bars; 2 blue bars eye to mouth; blue spot behind eye
    Nicholsina usta, Emerald Parrotfish
    teeth in rows, separate
  • adult: black + blue scale centers, blue marks on head
    juv: like adult
    Scarus coelestinus, Midnight Parrotfish
  • adult bright blue
    juv - blue-grey + yellow upper head
    Scarus coeruleus, Blue Parrotfish
  • small - green, scales edged in bronze, head bronze
    large - front 1/2 bronze, rear green
    Scarus guacamaia, Rainbow Parrotfish
  • IP tan + 2 white stripes, snout yellow, C transparent
    TP: C - top & bottom edges blue, operculum - black spot
    juv: like IP
    Scarus iseri, Striped Parrotfish
  • IP brown + 2 white stripes, snout brown, C - top & bottom edges dark
    TP: C - top & bottom edges pink, chest blue, D - blue + center pink; yellow stripe above pectoral
    juv: like IP
    Scarus taeniopterus, Princess Parrotfish
  • IP- head pale, body black + central white stripe, A white
    TP - blue around mouth, oblique blue stripe eye to middle back; C pink
    Juv - white + black stripes
    Scarus vetula, Queen Parrotfish
  • IP: pink+ rows pearl spots, genital papilla black, pectoral base yellow
    TP opercle edge - blue bar; front D - black spot; fins red
    juv like IP
    Sparisoma atomarium, Greenblotch Parrotfish
  • IP - fins red; white spot upper tail base
    TP - eye red, red stripe under eye; yellow+black spot above pectoral base; C black tips
    juv - like IP + dark blotch behind opercle
    Sparisoma aurofrenatum, Redband Parrotfish
  • IP - red-brown, yellow scales behind opercle; pectoral base - dark spot
    TP- grey, D & A yellow, C black top & bottom edges; pectoral yellow + black spot upper base
    Sparisoma axillare, Redeye Parrotfish
  • snout long, pointed; C concave
    IP - pink; pectoral base - dark spot
    TP - blue-green, head blue, iris red, inside pectoral yellow, C red crescent, D & A red
    Sparisoma chrysopterum, Redtail Parrotfish
  • IP - red brown, tail base yellow bar, D & C red, A white
    TP - green & brown, iris red, tail base & C green, operculum - green lines, pectoral base yellow
    juv like IP
    Sparisoma griseorubrum, Grey Parrotfish
  • IP grey-green, pectoral base in green patch, genital papilla pink
    TP grey-green, opal spot behind eye, black - throat, base of pectoral, outer edges D, A & C
    juv like IP
    Sparisoma radians, Bucktooth Parrotfish
  • IP - grey, tail base & C yellow
    TP - grey-green, iris red, C- center yellow
    juv like IP
    Sparisoma rubripinne, Yellowtail Parrotfish
  • head pointed, convex between eyes
    IP: dark brown over red, fins red, C base pale bar
    TP: green, head - purple stripes; operculum yellow spot, C yellow blotch & crescent
    juv - dark red + grid of white spots, fins red, C base white
    Sparisoma viride, Stoplight Parrotfish