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  • no denticles between eyes
    inner edge spiracles: pronounced papillae
    center line of body & C: no row denticles
    male scattered dark spots
    female dense white spots
    Squatina david, David's Angel Shark
    nasal barbels: like rods, no fringes; nasal flap triangular, no fringes
  • eye to spiracle < 1.5X eye
    1 row curved thorns: nape to D1 & between Ds
    +/- dark spotting
    Squatina dumeril, Atlantic Angel Shark
    nasal barbels simple, tapering
  • large denticles between eyes
    centerline of C: row denticles
    body finely spotted
    Squatina mapama, Small-crested Angel Shark
    nasal barbells: short, round & fringed, flap square & fringed