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  • body plain grey
    fins dark
    gill rakers 19-23
    LL 51-60 pored scales
    Kyphosus bigibbus, Darkfin Sea Chub, Gray Sea Chub
    soft D & A: medium height
    line along A border extends along top C edge
  • bump before eyes
    snout short, like beak
    lower head profile straight/concave
    grey to black
    soft D & A high, A front profile v angular
    Kyphosus cinerascens, Topsail Sea Chub
  • snout profile like beak, no forehead bump
    lower head profile convex
    grey +/- faint yellow stripes
    can be yellow, white
    fins not dark
    soft D&A medium height, A front profile angular
    Kyphosus sectatrix, Bermuda Chub, Bermuda Sea Chub
  • snout profile rounded, no forehead bump
    snout long
    soft D & A low, A front profile rounded
    Kyphosus vaigiensis, Yellow Chub, Yellow Sea Chub
    body: distinct brassy stripes