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  • blue + orange lower head
    Centropyge argi, the Cherubfish
  • blue; head , front back & D - orange
    Centropyge aurantonotus, Flameback angelfish
  • nape: no blue & black ocellus
    juv: center blue bar ~ straight
    Holacanthus bermudensis, Blue angelfish
    C & pectoral - only edges yellow
  • nape: blue & black ocellus
    C all yellow; pectoral - black base + yellow fin
    juv: central blue bar curved
    Holacanthus ciliaris, Queen angelfish
  • black + yellow head, chest & C
    juv: orange + large ocellus on body
  • yellow brown + curved blue lines
    blue ring over gill cover
    head: blue stripes
    Juv: curved pale bars
    juv: 3-4 strong white bars, 1 on head
    juv: C clear
    Pomacanthus annularis, Bluering angelfish
    C white
  • pale grey + dark spots
    pectoral - outer base grey
    juv: C black + yellow bar & clear edge
    juv: inverted yellow cross on snout & mouth
    Pomacanthus arcuatus, Grey angelfish
  • blue-black + broad yellow V bar
    C yellow
    juv: black + vertical bluish bars, indistinct orange bar
    juv: C orange
    Pomacanthus asfur, Arabian angelfish, Crescent angelfish
  • body: oblique yellow & blue stripes
    face grey + black eye mask
    C yellow
    juv: dark blue + curved pale & white bars & concentric rings
    juv: C mostly clear
    Pomacanthus imperator, Emperor angelfish
  • pale blue-grey + orange oval
    nape: black scale edges
    juv: black, blue & white bars, yellow flank mark
    juv: C clear
    Pomacanthus maculosus, Yellowbar angelfish
  • dark grey + yellow spots
    yellow ring around eye
    juv: C black, ringed with yellow
    juv: inverted yellow Y on snout
    Pomacanthus paru, French angelfish
    pectoral - outer base yellow
  • brownish-green + dense blue spots
    blue: eye-ring, edges preopercle & opercle
    juv: rear body bars semicircular
    juv: C dark + white bars & margin
    Pomacanthus semicirculatus, Semicircle angelfish
    C black + blue spots
    fin edges blue
  • body grey+ dark scales
    head black + blue mesh, yellow eye mask
    pectoral & C yellow
    rear D yellow+ black blotch
    juv: black + 6 white bars- curved back at tips
    juv: C black + blue bars
    Pomacanthus xanthometopon, Blue-face angelfish, Yellow-mask angelfish