Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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  • cream + thin chevron lines
    large ocellus under end D
    juv: 3 bars, extra ocellus on soft D
    Chaetodon capistratus, Foureye Butterflyfish
  • yellow
    head: black & white bars
    shoulder: oblique bars
    rear body - oblique stripes
    C base: dark blotch
    juv: rear D + ocellus
    Chaetodon lunula, Racoon Butterflyfish, Halfmoon Butterflyfish
  • white, black bar through eye, yellow fins
    juv: extra bar through rear D
    Chaetodon ocellatus, Spotfin Butterflyfish
  • yellowish white
    2 bars: eye & end D to end A
    juv: extra spot end D
    Chaetodon sedentarius, Reef Butterflyfish
  • silver + 4 black bars
    juv: 4 bars + ocellus on D
    Chaetodon striatus, Banded Butterflyfish
  • head & body white
    snout short
    D spine IV filamentous
    1st body bar origin before D filament
    2nd body bar origin just behind D filament
    Heniochus diphreutes, Schooling Bannerfish, Pennant Bannerfish, Schooling Coachman
    breast profile round
    A white + black
  • body white + yellow tint
    head black bar covers eye
    knob over each eye
    D spine IV filamentous
    1st body bar origin before D filament
    2nd body origin under D filament
    Heniochus intermedius, Red-Sea Bannerfish
    A yellow, black edge
  • face black, nape brown
    knobs: 1 over each eye, 1 on nape
    D spine IV filament short
    1st body bar origin behind D filament
    2nd body bar origin under soft D
    A yellow & white, black edge
    Heniochus monoceros, Masked Bannerfish, Masked Coachman
  • back orange; D & top back black
    orange bars: eye & tail base
    A & pelvics yellow
    Prognathodes aculeatus, Longsnout Butterflyfish
  • white; 2 black diagonal bars - through eye & D to A
    Prognathodes aya, Bank Butterflyfish
  • 3 black diagonal bars - eye, D to A, soft D
    Prognathodes guyanensis, Guyana Butterflyfish