Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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Du Pont Anne( (Number of Images =)

Species Acentronura dendritica, Seahorse pipefish, the Pipehorse

Genus Antennarius, Frogfishes

Species Antennarius pauciradiatus, Dwarfed Frogfish, Dwarf Frogfish

Species Antennarius scaber, Striated Frogfish

Species Citharichthys macrops, Spotted whiff

Species Cosmocampus elucens, Shortfin pipefish

Family CYNOGLOSSIDAE, Tonguefishes

Species Gymnothorax miliaris, Goldentail moray

Species Ogcocephalus parvus, Roughback batfish

Species Parablennius marmoreus, Seaweed blenny

Genus Serraniculus, Seabasses

Species Serraniculus pumilio, Pygmy seabass

Species Serranus baldwini, Lantern bass

Species Stegastes planifrons, Threespot damselfish

Genus Symphurus, Tonguefishes, Tonguesoles

Species Symphurus diomedeanus, Spottedfin tonguefish

Genus Syngnathus, Pipefishes

Species Syngnathus louisianae, Chain pipefish