Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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Clausen Dave( (Number of Images =)

Species Aetobatus narinari, Atlantic eagle ray, Spotted eagle ray, Bonnet ray

Species Archosargus probatocephalus, the Sheepshead

Species Balistes capriscus, Grey triggerfish

Species Centropristis ocyurus, Bank seabass

Species Centropristis striata, Black seabass

Species Chaetodipterus faber, Atlantic spadefish

Genus Decapterus, Scads

Species Decapterus punctatus, Round scad

Species Decapterus punctatus, Round scad

Species Epinephelus morio, Red grouper

Species Epinephelus striatus, Nassau grouper

Species Kyphosus cinerascens, Topsail sea-chub

Species Lagodon rhomboides, the Pinfish

Species Leiostomus xanthurus, Spot croaker, the Spot

Species Leiostomus xanthurus, Spot croaker, the Spot

Species Lutjanus apodus, Schoolmaster snapper

Family MUGILIDAE, Mullets

Species Nicholsina usta, Emerald parrotfish

Species Opistognathus macrognathus, Banded jawfish

Species Opistognathus robinsi, Spotfin jawfish

Species Pempheris poeyi, Shortfin sweeper, Curved sweeper

Species Pempheris schomburgkii, Glassy sweeper, copper sweeper

Species Pomatomus saltatrix, the Bluefish

Genus Scartella, Blennies

Species Scartella cristata, Molly miller

Species Scorpaena plumieri, Spotted scorpionfish

Species Styracura schmardae, Caribbean whiptail stingray

Species Synodus intermedius, Sand diver