Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system

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Species Acanthemblemaria aspera, Roughhead blenny

Species Acentronura dendritica, Seahorse pipefish, the Pipehorse

Species Callionymus bairdi, Lancer dragonet

Genus Chaenopsis, Pike-Blennies

Species Chaenopsis ocellata, Bluethroat pike-blenny

Species Chaetodon striatus, Banded butterflyfish

Species Coryphopterus tortugae, Sand sand-goby, Sand goby

Species Elacatinus cayman, Cayman goby, Cayman cleaner goby

Species Epinephelus guttatus, Red hind

Species Halichoeres bivittatus, Slippery dick

Family LABRIDAE, Sheepheads, Razorfishes, Moon-Wrasses, Hogfishes, Wrasses

Genus Lachnolaimus, Hogfishes

Species Lachnolaimus maximus, the hogfish

Species Lutjanus buccanella, Blackfin snapper

Species Myrichthys breviceps, Sharptail eel

Species Prognathodes aculeatus, Longsnout butterflyfish

Species Sparisoma rubripinne, Yellowtail parrotfish

Species Tigrigobius dilepis, Orangesided goby