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Sargassum acinarium(Linnaeus) Setchell

PhaeophytaPhaeophyceaeFucalesSargassaceaeSargassum acinarium
On rocky or hard substratum in high energy environments to 3 m depth.
Europe, Atlantic Islands, North America, Central America, Caribbean Islands, South America, Africa, South-west Asia
3 m
Thallus tough, erect, to 60 cm high, densely branched, attached to hard substratum by distinct holdfast. Branchlets with spines. Blades with rounded apex 1-3 mm wide on distal branches, 1-7 cm long.
Blades with deeply toothed margins and a distinct midrib. Air bladders spherical 3-7 mm diameter, often with solitary spine near base. Air bladders stalks flattened and often winged with toothed margins.
Other Literature
Littler & Littler (2000); Dawes & Mathieson (2008)
In Bocas Del Toro
Reported ByNSF-PASI Advanced Methods in Tropical Phycology Course 2009
LocalityFore-reef of Wild Cane Cay in high wave action, and in the intertidal reef flat at Flat Rock Beach.
CommentsThis uncommon species is newly reported for Panama with collections from the 2008 TFP workshop (specimen PHYKOS-2835/TFP08-458) and the current 2009 PASI workshop where it was found both in the low intertidal on rocks as well as on the reef flat in high energy environments. The sporadic spines on the main axis, the solitary spine at the base of the air bladder, along with the flattened winged stalk, distinguish S. acinarium from other Sargassum species.
Compiled by
Rachel Kennison and Edward Parish
Field Guide to Common Marine Algae of the Bocas del Toro Area II: NSF-PASI Advanced Methods in Tropical Phycology Course 2009
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