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Chalybura urochrysiaGould, 1861
Common Name: Bronze-tailed plumeleteer, Calzonario patirrojo

Can be found in heavy forests and shrubberies.
Reported from Nicaragua to northwestern Ecuador.
Natural History Notes
Conservation status according to IUCN 2008 Red list: Least Concern (LC).
It is a resident species.
The length of this species varies with sex. The males have a total length of 11.43 cm; whereas the total length for females is 10.16 cm (measured from tip of bill to end of tail). This species can be easily distinguished in the field. The male is green above and more bluish green on the below part of the body and the belly is more gray. Also, the feet have reddish to pink coloration and the tail is purple. The female has a similar coloration pattern than that of the male, but the below is more pale grayish, there is some green on the sides and the tail is more greenish and the outer feathers have the tip white.
Compiled by
Zoe Joly-Lopez
IUCN 2008. 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

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