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Coralliophila abbreviata(Lamarck, 1816)
Common Name: Short coral-shell

Natural History Notes
This species feeds on a variety of corals. It has been shown to significantly impact the growth of
The shell reaches 48 mm, and is cream-colored, occasionally with a faint salmon tint. The shell surface is covered by crowded spiral ridges. These appear scaly on younger shells. The operculum is yellow-brown and brittle, and the aperture is glossy-white and pear-shaped. The spire of adult shells is often eroded and covered with marine growth. The 3.5-whorled protoconch is small, erect, and has a smooth apex followed by two axially ribbed whorls that have a double keel just above the suture. Subsequent whorls rapidly increase in size. Toward the base, the weak axial ribs become narrower and sometimes more clearly defined.
Other Literature
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In Bocas Del Toro
Reported ByGarcia, E.; Marine Invertebrate Taxonomy Workshop II, Bocas del Toro, August 2004
Compiled by
Lexi Weintraub
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