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Anas discorsLinnaeus, 1766
Common Name: Blue-winged teal, Cerceta aliazul, Cerceta ala azul

Marshes of fresh water, pools, rivers, lagoons and lakes. This species can be found in pratically any aquatic habitats.

This species breeds in North America and during winter it migrates from southern United States to Central Argentina, Uruguay and Panama.
Natural History Notes
Conservation status according to IUCN 2008 Red list: Least Concern (LC)
This species has a gray beak. The Male has a head and an upper neck dark gray (blacker on the crown) and shows a prominent white crescent on the forepart of the face. Otherwise, the male is mostly blackish above and brownish below. The female is mottled light brown. In flight, both sexes show prominent pale blue wing-coverts (may look white at a distance) and a green speculum.
Other Literature
Rohwer, F. C., and Johnson, W. P., et al. 2002. Blue-winged Teal: Anas discors. Birds of North America. (625): 1-35
In Bocas Del Toro
Reported ByGeorge Angehr
Museum ReferencesThe Field Museum
LocalityIn the region of Bocas del Toro, the species was reported from the mainland.
Mangrove, Tranquilo Bay
Loma Partida
Canal - Changuinola: Entrada Canal & Boca Rio Changuinola
Compiled by
Lexi Weintraub; Zoe Joly-Lopez
IUCN 2008. 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Ridgely, Robert. S. and John. A. Gwynne. Jr. 1989. A Guide to the Birds of Panama. Second Edition. Princeton University Press. Princeton, New Jersey. 534 p. .
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