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Holothuria mexicanaLudwig, 1875

Seagrass beds, mangroves, lagoons, reef hard bottoms and sand plains, and rock terraces
Natural History Notes
H. mexicana shows little or no response to disturbance and little cryptic behavior. Individuals generally move less than one meter per day and are mostly solitary. The species occasionally co-occurs with H. floridana and hybridization is not uncommon.
0.5-20m, most common 2-10m
The cucumber grows up to 30-50 cm. The body is thick-walled and rigid, and appears pleated due to a wrinkling of the dorsal and lateral integument. The dorsal surface is usually dark gray, brown, or black in adults and brownish yellow in young individuals. The ventral surface is usually reddish pink, yellowish orange, or white. There is often a bright pink or red pigment stripe running along the midline and bordered on either side by white stripes. The tube feet are brown with darker brown or black tips.
Other Literature
Guzman, H. M.,Guevara, C. A., et. al. 2003. Reproductive cycle of two commercial species of sea cucumber (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) from Caribbean Panama. Marine Biology 142: 271-279.

Guzman, H. M. and Guevara, C. A. 2002. Population structure, distribution and abundance of three commercial species of sea cucumber (Echinodermata) in Panama. Caribbean Journal of Science. 38(3-4): 230-238
In Bocas Del Toro
Reported ByHector Guzmán, Carlos Guevara & Ileana Hernández, Hendler, G.
LocalityPunta Quarys.>
ObservationsCommon in shallow seagrass beds in Bocas del Toro.
Compiled by
Lexi Weintraub
Collin, R., M.C. Diaz, J. Norenburg, R.M. Rocha, J.A. Sanchez, A. Schulz, M.L. Schwartz and A. Valdes. 2005. Photographic identification guide to some common marine invertebrates of Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Caribbean Journal of Science 41: 638-707.

Hendler, Gordon, John E. Miller, David L. Pawson, and Porter M. Kier. 1995. Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, and Allies - Echinoderms of Florida and the Caribbean. Washington D. C. 390pp.: Smithsonian Institution Press.
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