Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Thunbergia erecta

(Bench.) T. Anderson, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 7:18.1864

Shrub, ± glabrous; stems 4-ribbed, branched many times. Blades ovate, acuminate, acute at base and decur­rent onto short, canaliculate petiole, the margins entire to obtusely toothed and somewhat undulate. Flowers solitary on axillary pedicels; corolla 7-8 cm long, violet (purple), the tube white outside, yellow inside; stamens 4, in 2 pairs set in a groove on upper side of tube, to 3 cm long, somewhat irregular, with 2 or 3 recurved lobes; filaments with glandular trichomes; anthers bristled around margins of thecae; style set in groove just above upper pair of stamens; stigma scoop-shaped. Fruits not seen (those of the genus capsular, with the seeds ± glo­bose and lacking a retinaculum). Croat 6918.

Cultivated at the Laboratory Clearing. Flowers spo­radically all year, but especially in the rainy season. Costa Rica and Panama; Jamaica and Puerto Rico. In Panama, known only from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone.

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Thunbergia erecta flower
  • Thunbergia erecta flowers
  • Thunbergia erecta flower