Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Stenospermation angustifolium

Hemsl., Biol. Centr.­Amer. Bot. 3:425. 1885

Epiphytic vine; stems 4-8 mm diam, weakly rooting at lower nodes; internodes mostly 1-5 cm long. Petioles 1.5-8.5 cm long, the sheath thick, extending almost to blade, the upper edge free; blades lanceolate to narrowly elliptic, sharply acuminate, cuneate to rounded and often unequal at base, 4-18 cm long, 1-7 cm wide, entire, the lower leaves deciduous; midrib distinguishable almost to apex, all lateral veins equally indistinct, ± parallel to midrib. Peduncles 6-8 cm long, frequently recurved near apex before anthesis; spathe acuminate, 4-6 cm long, soon deciduous; spadix 2-4 cm long in flower, ca 4 mm diam, the stipe obsolete or to 3.3 mm long; flowers bi­sexual, naked; stamens 4; pistils ca 4 mm diam, 2-locular; style raised, cylindrical; fruiting spadices white, fleshy. Seeds obovate, to 1.8 mm long, tan, with many vertical greenish lines, constricted slightly below base. Croat 14038.

Occasional, growing high in trees. Flowers and fruits throughout the year, perhaps chiefly in the dry season. Seeds are probably dispersed by birds.

Costa Rica and Panama. In Panama, known from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone, Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui, and Veraguas, from premontane wet forest in Colon, Coclé, and Panama, from tropical wet forest in Chiriqui, and from premontane rain forest in Panama.